Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Measured Building Survey?

A measured building survey is carried out to produce accurate and detailed CAD drawings or a BIM model of an existing building. Architects use a measured building survey to form the foundation of the proposed concept designs.

How much does a Measured Building survey cost?

The cost of a measured building survey will depend on whether a 3D laser survey is required or a traditional measured survey is required. The cost will also depend on the length of time required to carry out the survey.

A 3D laser survey cost will vary from £800 - £2000 per day depending on the level of detail required.

How long does a 3D Laser survey take?

The time a 3D laser will take will really depend on the size of the building that is being surveyed. 

A 4 bedroom detached house will take around 4 - 6 hours to fully survey all areas internal and external